Fashion Apparel: The social influence

Fashion is a social reflection of the nation’s economical, political and cultural status. It would display modernisation and the trends of time.

For the past years, the industry of Fashion and its nice clothing stores for women  has given attention to the needs and enhancement plans to be implemented on the locality. That is why it’s not a shocking news already to have in our very own markets, the finest products with an expensive price available in the marketplace. The goal of the product is not only to satisfy the never-ending demands of the people, but to represent the present event occuring in the environment. In short, the brand’s job is not to be sold, but a medium to speak in a massive population in just a few hours.

Nevertheless, to fully understand the idea of fashion influencing the society, imagine the streets where in teenage are wearing the kpop-inspired fashion, and in your mind what does it implies? Of course, globalisation. In result to the openness of the world to embrace other culture, people would grab that opportunity without second thoughts, and then boom! You’ll confuse yourself if you are still in your country or the otherwise.

The best example of a fashion that greatly influenced the society is during the 18th century in Great Britain, wherein those who are in the lower class, they would dress themselves simpler and some may don’t have many of this. Furthermore, the styles that people used to expressed their self varies upon the status they belong in the society. This is the reason why the poorest in the social status will purchase the cheaper cloth, because it’s the only thing that they could afford, while those who are elites, they don’t have any problem in this matter since they are born with a golden spoon. In addition, they will have a chance to purchase an elegant one piece jumpsuit and an amazon sterling silver earrings.

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