5 Fashion Ideas for a More Fashionable You this 2018

Going into the new year, it’s time to say goodbye to the trends that was so last year and say hello to the big 2018. One of the best ways to express yourself is through fashion clothing. Gone are the days when people gush over white sneakers, chokers, and stripes. According to the fashion gurus in the industry, here are some of the upcoming trends you should keep in mind to have that Instagrammable outfit.

  1. Lavender is Better

According to Pantone, “Ultra Violet” is the color of 2018, but it’s the paler shade of Violet that got the Spring 2018 runways by storm. The color was seen in flowy dresses and pretty pantsuits giving a touch of femininity in the runway. It seems that lots of love was given to the millennial pink last year, which makes a lighter shade of Ultra Violet lavender a  great new color to adore.


  1. Flaunt those Earrings

The first thing people look at is your face, why not make them stare with a pair of earrings? Nothing can make an outfit more sophisticated than this. Imagine yourself in a little black dress with full on makeup and loop earrings it’s the perfect outfit for a girls’ night out right? Give yourself a favor and buy some amazon earrings. Don’t forget to take a good selfie!

  1. Fringe is In

Take your plain clothes to the next level with some fringe action. This style trend was seen taking over the runway of Calvin Klein and it seems to catch the eye of many. The fringe brings movement to what you wear which catches the attention of anyone around you. It’s not that hard to find some fashion items with a fringe for it has already taken over bags, skirts and even in accessories.

  1. Wear the Art

Just like Channing and Jenna Tatum, art and fashion is the one true pairing this year. Versace and Prada both have art-inspired collections and have inspired many others to wear art. A sexy top with an abstract design or a skirt with just a plain brush stroke will give you the edgy look you need. Rock an art-inspired outfit and walk around the city in style!

  1. Dark Denim Invasion

Toss those light wash jeans away because dark denim clothes or sequin that are coming to invade your closet. Up your game in fashion and get in some dark denims to embrace a classy look like no other. The darker side of denims was seen taking over the runways of Fendi and other high fashion brands.

There you have it, some tips for you to make 2018 your most fashionable year ever. Even after sharing these fashion ideas, it’s still up to you to make the best out of what you wear. You may or may not follow these trends, but always remember that you can always make your own style – touch it up with some confidence paired with a smile and you’re good to go!

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