5 Summer Staples Girls Need for a Day in the Beach

Summer is just around the corner and it’s always a time to be alive. It’s when everybody feels free and goes on a road trip going to the beach to enjoy the sand, sea and sun. It’s when tanlines are life and when memories are made. Aside from food, drinks and company, there are a few summer staples you should bring with you to complete your fun under the sun.


Summer Straw Hat

Protect your hair and face from the intense heat with a light and breathable summer hat. It adds a fun touch to any summer outfit you’ll wear. Hats on, and you’ll automatically have an Instagram-worthy look. Everyone loves a good hat.



Avoid weird eye-squinting selfies under the sun by wearing sunglasses! Not only does it protect your eyes but it could also be an alternative for the above-mentioned summer hat if you don’t have one. It’s best to match your sunglasses with a cute but cheap plus size swimwear to get that ultimate beach photo everyone seems to like.


Lightweight Tote Bag

It’s almost impossible not to bring a spacious bag when you’re off to the beach. Where else can you dump in all your summer beauty products, extra underwear, and your beach towel? Choose a durable and light cotton fabric bag or a big straw summer bag to match your hat. A summer tote bag is functional and fashionable — what more do you need?


Flip flops

If you don’t wanna ridiculous by wearing boots going to the beach, you better pack up some comfy and durable flip flops. Make sure it won’t die on you in the middle of a beach walk. One of the classic designs are plain black Havaianas flip flops with a gold logo. You can pick any design you want of course. Whatever floats your boat.


Sexy Swimsuit

Last but not the least, the ultimate summer staple: a swimsuit. What else are you gonna wear to take a dip in the beach and play in the sand right? There are a lot of places you could buy sexy swimsuits and plus size swimwear for women from, you just have to know where to look. It’s wise to check what suits your body type the best. Whether it’s a halter, high waist, bandeau, one-piece with a sexy back detail or a triangle, you have to know what kind of swimwear you look best in. Wearing a workout outfit is suitable for any swimming activities as well. So, After all the planks and squats, you better flaunt that beautiful body, sexy back and head turning derrière out in the beach. Suns out, buns out y’all! Enjoy that summer state of mind while it lasts!

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